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A Company Founded in Disinfection

Nick Licata and Ryan Haggard, lifelong friends, founded NDS (Natural Disinfection Solutions) in 2010. The two came together with the idea to make the indoor spaces around their community safer for their occupants. 

They started with UV robots, moved to electrostatic fogging, and finally landed on CASPR Technology which was light years ahead of what other methods offered. They knew this was something special and have since become the largest distributor of CASPR technology. Its award-winning, patent-pending NCC technology proactively and continuously disinfects indoor air and surfaces at the molecular level by converting water and oxygen in the air into low, safe, yet effective levels of hydrogen peroxide, which are dispersed

continuously throughout the air and onto surfaces. CASPR has been proven to destroy 99.96 percent of pathogens both in the air and on surfaces. Recent independent studies have concluded that the technology provided by CASPR is more than twice as effective as any competing technology.

NDS also created a spray disinfectant called BN-200 that works better than bleach and is non-toxic and non-corrosive. BN-200 and CASPR are the perfect one-two punch for proper disinfection. Our team is devoted to safe and natural, yet highly effective, methods of disinfection. 

NDS is based out of Louisiana and has numerous residential and commercial janitorial services, BN-200 clients, and CASPR clients.


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Meet the Team

Nick Licata - CEO

Nick handles everything from a 30,000-foot level. He works hand and hand with our Manufacturer to better serve NDS and our sub-distributors.

Nick Licata | LinkedIn


Ryan Haggard - COO

Ryan handles the operations side of NDS. He is well-versed in technology and testing procedures and protocols.

Ryan Haggard | LinkedIn



Scott Yerby - Vice President of Sales

Scott enjoys gaining the respect of clients, whether that is his client base or assisting the NDS’ Distributor Sales team with their clients. 

Scott Yerby | LinkedIn


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Dave Kuykendall - Director of Sales

As a former PGA Professional, Dave is an expert at helping people. Dave fell in love with the CASPR product as a customer.

Dave Kuykendall | LinkedIn


Sarah Sieh - Marketing

Sarah leads our marketing team in strategy and content management across numerous industries. 

Sarah (Solomon) Sieh | LinkedIn



Alie Lee - Office Manager

Alie handles all distributor and client invoicing, accounts payable and receivables, payroll, inventory management, shipping logistics, and marketing.

Alie Lee | LinkedIn



Brett Duffy - Engineering & Operations

Brett engineers CASPR systems to properly dose facilities. He also works on product development, research, RFPs, testing protocols, and implementation.

Brett Duffy | LinkedIn



Dr. Margaret Scarlett - Chief Medical Consultant

Dr. Scarlett is an international leader in improving patient and provider safety, serving 21 years as a US Public Health Service Officer for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She served under the US Surgeon General. Currently, she is a WHO Patient Safety Champion from the US. 

Margaret Scarlett | LinkedIn