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CASPR Technology can be used in many different applications.


Industries We Serve

CASPR is your continuous air and surface disinfection technology that is up to 99.96% effective against molds, viruses, and bacteria. CASPR reduces odors & VOCs. Not only is installation simple and maintenance minimal, but our technology is automated to run without any interference. 


Medical & Dental Offices

Throughout your facility, CASPR provides safe, continuous protection by reducing clinically relevant pathogens on all surfaces. 

It can be used safely in occupied spaces, with no need to remove staff and patients or to seal rooms.

This includes all healthcare facilities including medical, dental, orthopedic, and more!

Medical Office

Schools & Daycares

Protecting children and staff is vital, especially considering any COVID-19 precautions being taken. CASPR units provide a combative approach with added safety for both children and teachers. 

With minimal maintenance, our solutions provide air and surface disinfection in a natural, chemical-free and consistent matter. 

Schools and Daycares

Restaurants & Hotels

Since CASPR units are safe to use around people, plants, animals, and food, it's a leading solution to disinfect air and surfaces to help provide a healthy environment for your guests. 

CASPR devices are a safe way to add oxidizing molecules that combat mold, viruses, bacteria, odors, and more. CASPR technology is designed to stay on 24/7, providing a sense of comfort for both your staff and guest.

Restaurants & Hotels


Whether a small or large business office, CASPR units are designed with our customers in mind. All of our unit options are automated, low maintenance, require no harsh chemicals, and produce no odors or residue.

View our CASPR options below to see which unit would be best for your space!



Gyms & Spas 

Running 24/7, CASPR's innovative technology is effective for any environment and on every surface. They are safe for members, staff, and equipment, including environments with extra humidity. 

The units naturally reduce odors and VOCs and are up to 99.96% effective against bacteria, viruses, and mold.

Gyms and Spas

Residential Homes

CASPR units give the opportunity to be combative from a progressive approach, treating such dangerous viruses and bacteria on the surfaces we touch and in the very air that we breathe, protecting ourselves and the people we care about.

CASPR is safe for people, pets, and plants making it more than conducive for residential living. 

Residential Homes

Transportation Vehicles

All transportation and emergency vehicles can now have a natural surface and air disinfection system by using CASPR Siren and Transit units! 

CASPR units continuously disinfects both the air and surfaces, utilizing the Natural Catalytic Converter (NCC) technology. Available by DC power, units can be discreet and concealed direct to wall mount installation with screws. 

Transportation Vehicles
Knowing that my employees and customers are protected by the CASPR technology gives me peace of mind, which allows me more time to focus on the actual running of my business.
"Bumper" Wilkerson
Louisiana Crawfish Time, Lafayette, LA
Taqueria El Vecino is continually searching for ways to make our restaurant a safe environment for our staff and our guests. The Covid-19 pandemic has made this effort more challenging. We were looking for some help in keeping the Taqueria virus free that would fill in any gaps in our sanitation practices, and while researching high tech air filters, we found CASPR.
Rob Atherholt
Taqueria El Vecino, Decatur, GA
We're real excited about putting CASPR technology in our stores. It's a huge investment for a company our size, but we felt like it was the right investment to make for our customers and for our employees.
Terry Smith

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