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In late 2019, CASPR was just hitting the market with a product that could be properly sized and dosed to protect small businesses and residences from harmful pathogens like bacteria, virus, and molds. Over a decade before this CASPR was created and today is used in over 20 US hospitals, known as the CASPR Medic. Today CASPR has a wide variety of units that can be either mobile or installed directly into your facilities HVAC system. CASPR provides 24/7 disinfection by creating a gaseous form of Hydrogen Peroxide. While we have studies upon studies, and tests upon tests that verify the reductions of bioburdens, we also have data showing reductions in workplace absenteeism.

During a specific hospital trial, in a large 527-bed hospital the CASPR technology was employed to treat the entire area of the ICU including patient rooms, nurse stations, and work areas. The rate of absenteeism was reduced to 752 hours during a four-month period from 1316 hours for the same period year over year. The decrease represented a 42% reduction of employee absenteeism.

A hospital is what we would consider a “pathogen-rich environment”, so you might think the results in a more traditional environment like your office, shop, restaurant, or manufacturing facility might be different. One of our more recent clients is Swagelock of Alabama, a distributor of fluid management products for industrial applications, installed CASPR Pro system in December of 2020 and as of last month had not had a single unscheduled PTO day in the facility.

While the global pandemic has shown us the need to be more aware of the real danger of pathogens, a pro-active approach to minimizing the bioburden in your environment can have added benefits not only to morale and the feeling of safety, but directly to the bottom line with increased productivity from reduced absenteeism. As business owners, we are always looking for ways to invest in the happiness of our people because we know they are the critical component of our success, but it is rare to find a way to do that with this level of financial return.

Find out more about how CASPR systems can be customized to fit your facilities and fleets by contacting us today. We look forward to helping you grow your business.

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