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Coastal Alabama College Covers 9 Campuses with CASPR Technology

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Coastal Alabama became the 1st College in the US to install CASPR (Continuous Air and Surface Pathogen Reduction) technology to disinfect indoor environments 24/7 making them safer for students, faculty, and administration.  Dr. Pouncey (President of Coastal Alabama) started researching the most effective way to provide the safest indoor possible in early 2020.  He and his staff vetted many air purification systems and discovered the medical-based company, CASPR Technology, which was helping hospitals reduce Hospital Acquired infections (HAIs) in their ICUs.  CASPR expanded its products into the commercial market during the pandemic and now helps people in homes, schools, offices, restaurants, churches, gyms, cruise ships, and buses. 

CASPR uses Natural Catalytic Conversion (NCC) technology that uses the natural molecules in our ambient air to combine and form highly oxidized molecules to fill the air of a room and then settle on all surfaces.  The oxidized molecules are predominately hydrogen peroxide and are completely safe for people, pets, and plants.  CASPR takes a proactive approach to attack mold, fungi, bacteria, and viruses so as soon as pathogens are exposed in the air or on surfaces, they are being attacked which makes them less likely to be transmitted.  This technology is the future of effective disinfection in indoor environments.  They have joined schools like LSU, Texas A&M, and Michigan State to install CASPR, but are the only college to install campus-wide to date.  Coastal Alabama decided to cover the classrooms, dorms, common areas, cafeterias, and offices.  The 1st installations started in June of 2022 and now are complete.  We have installed 300 units from Gulf Shores to Gilbertown.  Some of you will see the CASPR BLU TILES in the ceilings, but if you don't see them know that some are working behind the scenes in the HVAC ducts that cover multiple areas.  Coastal Alabama is now one the leaders in campus safety and ready for what variant comes next. Learn more at www.nds-360.com.