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Louisiana Crawfish Time Re-Opens with No-touch Disinfection Technology

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It has been about a year since the COVID-19 pandemic erupted and completely transformed the way we live across the globe. Before, gathering and socializing in restaurants and public places was something that was a part of our daily lives, and we didn’t think twice about being within an arm’s reach from one another. But, amid all the recommended safety guidelines and World Health Organization's suggestions on how to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus, we have adapted and incorporated new ways of doing so.

How louisiana Crawfish time is providing a safer atmosphere for their guests

Owner of local Lafayette seafood restaurant "Louisiana Crawfish Time" Edward 

Crawfish Time Uses No Touch Disinfection Technology | NDS-360

"Bumper" Wilkerson recently decided to invest in the CASPR technology for his restaurant with the safety of his guests being his top priority. With the impacts of the virus being quite devastating on most small businesses this past year, many seafood restaurants like Bumper's are relying on this crawfish season to make it through this upcoming year.


Bumper shares some of his thoughts about his new addition: 

Knowing that my employees and customers are protected by the CASPR technology gives me peace of mind, which allows me more time to focus on the actual running of my business.

By incorporating CASPR's advanced disinfecting technology, Bumper and many other restaurant owners like him can assure their customers that they are doing everything they can to protect them in the best way possible while still providing an excellent dining experience. 


CASPR is an innovative “no-touch” disinfection technology that utilizes a Natural

No Touch Disinfection | NDS 360Catalytic Converter (NCC) to create hydrogen peroxide out of ambient air. These oxidizing molecules then circulate facility wide disinfecting both in the air and all surfaces, including the walls and floors, ultimately reducing the spread of these harmful pathogens. Scientific tests show that CASPR technology is able to inactivate 99.991% of SARS-COV2 which is the virus responsible for COVID-19.  

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CASPR offers a variety of different units that can be installed into any HVAC system, making it a disinfecting solution for every industry. Our products are effective against mold, viruses, bacteria, odors, and VOCs, and our unique technology produces no ozone and is very safe for occupied spaces.  Units are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.


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