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El Pollo Loco Louisiana Franchisee Invests in CASPR

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Opening a new restaurant is a challenging task, especially during these difficult times.  For Jason Trotter, El Pollo Loco Louisiana Franchisee restaurant owner, his goal was to bring quality food to a new market.  Jason opened a new El Pollo Loco location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Airline Highway.  This location is something Jason has been working on for a couple of years.

“This project has taken a little longer than expected due to some of the shortages businesses are seeing across the board” Jason mentioned.  His goal was to make it right from the start.  Being in the restaurant industry for many years Jason knows how important it is to make a good first impression, his customers and employees come first.  He wanted an environment where his customers felt comfortable visiting and his employees enjoyed working. 

Jason heard about CASPR and knew this technology could provide his restaurants with the level of protection he wants for his workers and guests.

CASPR stands for Continuous Air and Surface Pathogen Reduction. It is an innovative “no-touch” disinfection technology that utilizes a Natural Catalytic Converter (NCC) to create Hydrogen Peroxide out of your ambient air. CASPR is 99.96% effective against bacteria, viruses, molds, and even reduces odors and VOCs. By filling up space with oxidized air and blanketing all surfaces, “CASPR provides the added protection and peace of mind we are all looking for”, said Jason.

The technology is running 24/7 without an operator or chemicals. It is safe for occupied spaces and food preparation stations. It is noise free, creates no residue and does not produce any ozone.

With locations in Baton Rouge and Lafayette, and potentially many more, he feels confident that this technology would be a huge benefit because of the continuous aspect both in the air we breathe and surfaces we touch. This investment will set up his locations to not only be safe during the pandemic, but in the future as a proactive approach to any turbulent environment.

Step inside El Pollo Loco in Baton Rouge and experience a dining experience above the rest.