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Georgia Restaurant Invests in Disinfecting Technology Amid Covid-19

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Over the last year that the COVID -19 pandemic has been familiar, businesses both large and small have been incorporating ways to provide service to their customers in a safely manner. Adjusting to this "new normal", as some would say, has not been easy, but with the help of forward thinking minds as well as innovative technology, business owners have been diligent in figuring out how to maneuver through the obstacles that Corona Virus has brought about. 

How Taqueria el vecino restaurant is providing a safer atmosphere for their guests

With sanitation of high traffic areas being the top priority of most restaurant owners, Rob Atherholt, owner of Taqueria El Vecino in Decatur, Georgia decided it was time to invest in CASPR's advanced disinfecting technology in order to assure his customers the safest environment when visiting his business.

Rob Atherholt shares some of his thoughts about his newest investment:

"Taqueria El Vecino is continually searching for ways to make our restaurant a safe environment for our staff and our guests.

The  Covid-19 pandemic has made this effort more challenging. From the onset of the pandemic we have increased our cleaning and sanitation frequency and employed outside companies to help. All of these practicCopy of tev logo (1)es involve people. That creates a margin for error. We were looking for some help in keeping the Taqueria virus free that would fill in any gaps in our sanitation practices, and while researching high tech air filters, we found CASPR."

Many restaurants like Taqueria El Vecino have been heavily impacted by the pandemic and are just grateful that they are able to now open and operate, all while making sure they are protecting the people who make it all possible.

about caspr

CASPR is an innovative “no-touch” disinfection technology that utilizes a Natural

No Touch Disinfection | NDS 360Catalytic Converter (NCC) to create hydrogen peroxide out of ambient air. These oxidizing molecules then circulate facility wide disinfecting both in the air and all surfaces, including the walls and floors, ultimately reducing the spread of these harmful pathogens. Scientific tests show that CASPR technology is able to inactivate 99.991% of SARS-COV2 which is the virus responsible for COVID-19.  

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CASPR offers a variety of different units that can be installed into any HVAC system, making it a disinfecting solution for every industry. Our products are effective against mold, viruses, bacteria, odors, and VOCs, and our unique technology produces no ozone and is very safe for occupied spaces.  Units are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.


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