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Warren Easton Gets More Out of CASPR Tech Than Originally Expected

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I recently walked into my old grade school after at least 15 years, and I immediately recognized that same familiar smell. What was that smell exactly? I couldn’t tell you, but it is oddly nostalgic. It reminds me of running through the halls to beat the bell and hang up my bookbag in my old metal locker, before racing to class. Oh, the memories of grade school!

In 2020, Warren Easton, a New Orleans-based Charter School, that is housed in a 107-year-old Masonry building, decided to investigate options for overall disinfection to protect their students and staff in the midst of the pandemic. After completing their due diligence, the facts were left to science and CASPR outperformed the competitors on many levels. Cost-effective, low maintenance, no labor, and continuous disinfection on a 24/7 basis, are just to name a few.

CASPR uses a natural catalytic process to generate powerful oxidizers, including gaseous hydrogen peroxide from molecular oxygen and humidity of the ambient air. CASPR releases low concentrations of such oxidizers into the space where they decompose pathogens in the air and on surfaces. These oxidizers are highly effective at eliminating bacteria and viruses, yet safe for people, animals, and plants.

After almost 2 years of using CASPR, we reached out to the principal to get his feedback. Like other schools, we were overjoyed by the report of no COVID cases breaking out within their facility after CASPR was installed. This doesn’t mean that the students didn’t encounter the virus, it just wasn’t traced back to the school setting. This is the exact result we love to hear. But it wasn’t the only accolade they were excited about.

The staff and students had no longer noticed the ‘all too familiar smell of the 107-year-old bricks that housed their beloved school. It was a smell that they had become accustomed to and was just a constant background odor that didn’t even really go away or change. Until CASPR that is! They were amazed that the smell was gone and were all pleasantly surprised, although it was no surprise to us though. Odors just consist of mold, bacteria, and fungus. When destroyed at a cellular level, the way CASPR does, it completely cleans the air.

We love to hear from our clients about the unexpected benefits that come with our technology.

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